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The most common question I get is: Which essential oil should I use?

And right after that: How do I use it?

Time to take the guesswork out of being healthy! 

A Zyto facial scan can determine which of your body systems need support and what products will best meet those prioritized needs.

How long does it take?

In 30 seconds, Zyto measures a variety of health and wellness indicators based on facial blood-flow analysis:

Heart rate

Heart rate variability

Breathing rate

Skin age

Mental stress index


The Zyto technology uses transdermal optical imaging (TOI) to gather key information about YOUR UNIQUE health and wellness. TOI uses your smartphone camera to detect and analyze the blood-flow patterns in your face. After incorporating these measurements from the face scan, the Link scan measures the body’s responses to various biomarkers. Biomarkers are digital representations of actual components of the body, such as organs, glands, and systems, as well as lifestyle factors and emotions. Lastly, it measures the body’s responses to various wellness products and services to determine which ones the body prefers the most.

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Dollar matching your order with free products that your body is asking for

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Oil Usage Guide App ($10 Value)

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Essential Oil Safety Certification Course to be completed at your leisure ($100 value)

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How do you do a scan?

Here’s a quick video on exactly how to set up your scan for the best possible results tailored to you and your exact needs

Simplify Wellness with Zyto Link

Rather than just treating symptoms and illnesses, Zyto Link helps you focus on the whole person by taking your functional, energetic, and emotional wellness into account. These 3 areas are called the Zyto Wellness Tryad:


How the parts and systems of the body are cooperating.


How the energy is flowing through the body.


How emotions are impacting overall health.

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With your purchase, enjoy a FREE wellness assessment with our certified Functional Nutrition expert. We're committed to ensuring you know exactly how to maximize the benefits of your products, answering all your questions, and helping you create a personalized plan for your journey to optimal health.

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Important Note for Parents

We love scanning kids too! For anyone under 18, simply associate them with their parent's account. Call or text us for easy instructions – no need to use fake birthdays, as accurate information ensures effective results. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your well-being and share the gift of health with your loved ones. Act now, and let the journey to your BEST health begin!


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